Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Formatting Ebooks

Hi, all!

I'm prepping a story for e-publication, so I asked the folks over at Realm Makers Consortium about their favorite online resources that discuss ebook formatting.  I got a lot of responses, and I thought they might be useful to some of you!  Keep in mind that I haven't tried these myself yet...

Apparently, automated formatters are evil (who knew?) and will make your ebook look bad.  They may also may your book look different on each type of device.  Kindle for PC, notoriously, ends up looking different from regular Kindle.  The CreateSpace formatter is apparently Extra Evil.

Amazon has its own directions for how to format your ebook:

Smashwords also has a guide, which the folks in the RMC were pretty excited about.  You can download it as a free ebook (which seems appropriate).


Two blogs have useful information.  Annie Douglass Lima wrote a blog in 2013 with directions for how to format your initial file in Microsoft Word. 

Guido Henkel prefers the hard-core approach, taking you through preparing your book as an HTML file in his lengthy blog series.  

The folks on RMC also recommended two YouTube series.  Derek Murphy has step by step directions on how to format your book starting from Word here: 


Wordwave has some basics regarding formatting for Kindle Direct Publishing in this video: 


What do you guys think?  Do you have a favorite formatting method or formatting resource?

Let me know if the links above break--I'll fix them!

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