Friday, August 16, 2019

TL:DR - Golden Braids Recap!

The Golden Braids co-release was a lot of fun, but with all the reviews I did (all five days...) I didn't have a lot of time to keep up with the blog tour.  Maybe you had the same experience.  So many blogs, so little time.

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So I decided to go through and give my recommendations for the most helpful blog posts to read for each day of the blog tour.  That is to say, the blog posts that I would most want to read if I were trying to decide if I would like the story or not.  So here they are... our five Rapunzel stories.

Day 1: Hair We Go Again by Kendra Ardnek
Seven years ago, Prince Luke found a half-ruined tower in the forest and disappeared...  Now his hardheaded little brother Prince Eric and Eric's wife are determined to find him.
Most Helpful: Light and Shadows
Funniest: Dreams and Dragons

Day 2: Molly Storm by Annie Louise Twitchell
What if the main character was the witch?  A haunting maritime Rapunzel.
Most Helpful: Knitted by God’s Plan

Day 3: Mechanical Heart by Sarah Pennington
Breen won't leave her tower, even if a prince shows up with good intentions and waaay too much determination... A steampunk Rapunzel.
Most Helpful: right here!

Day 4: Rebekah's Refuge by Meredith Leigh Burton
A race of beings known as the norns have the power to heal with their hair.  But now someone is hunting them for his own purposes...
Most Helpful: Reality Reflected

Day 5: The Dragon's Flower by Wyn Estelle Owens
The imperial family is all dead... or are they?  Who is the girl in the mysterious pagoda?  And can the rogue ninja Shichiro protect her from harm?  A magical Japanese Rapunzel.
Most Helpful: Unicorn Quester

If you want more posts to read, you can find the whole blog tour here!

Were there other posts that you found helpful?  Comment below!

I'm kind of exhausted from reading all these books so fast... but I'm also already looking forward to the co-release for the Twelve Dancing Princesses Stories.  (When is that?  December?)  I'm a weird person...