Monday, May 11, 2020

Quarantine Reading: The Best Manga on Kindle Unlimited

I’ve been blitzing through the manga on Kindle Unlimited.  Some of it is fun, some is meh, and some I have tried to block from my memory.  I thought I would share some of my recommendations with you!  If you have recommendations too, comment below!

Captive Hearts of Oz Volumes 1-4 (complete series) Captive Hearts of Oz Vol. 1 (9781626924208): Maruya ...
Dorothy finds herself in a strange (and strangely familiar) land and sets out along the Yellow Brick Road.  But something is wrong in this version of Oz…  I really loved this story.  It has friendship, action, and a smidgen of romance, as well as some fun new characters.  My favorite is Crow.  Watching him try to seem scary is hilarious.

Days Volumes 1-7 (not complete series)
Days (manga) - Wikipedia
I didn’t think I would like sports manga, but they are actually a lot of fun.  They center around friendship and hard work.  This one is especially good, with a shy but hard-working hero and a fun ensemble cast that each have their own character arcs.  Go Seiseki soccer team!  If you like this manga, the first two volumes of All Out, a scrappy and hilarious rugby manga, and the first seven volumes of Ace of the Diamond, a classic baseball manga (I’m not as fond of this one but it is okay), are also on KU.

 ALL OUT!! (Manga) - TV Tropes

Aoba-kun’s Confessions Volumes 1-5 (not complete series)
 Aoba-kun's Confessions - Kodansha Comics
A shoujo story set in a Japanese high school.  Mayo is a very shy and quiet person; her classmates don’t even remember she exists.  But when she finds out that something is troubling the popular basket player Aoba-kun, she wants to help by listening to his problems, just as he once listened to her.  This is a cute, sweet romance about a girl who slowly gains courage and a boy who learns to be honest.  If you like this story, I am Here omnibus volume 1 and I’m in Love and it’s the End of the World volumes 1-2 are also on KU; I like these a lot too! I'm in Love and It's the End of the World Vol. 2 eBook ...

Fairy Tail Volumes 1-18 (not complete series) Fairy Tail - Manga/Anime TV Show Poster/Print ...
In a magical world, wizards assemble into wizard guilds and solve magical problems for the general public.  One of the most famous wizard guilds in the kingdom of Magnolia is Fairy Tail.  When celestial wizard Lucy joins the guild, she soon makes friend with fire dragonslayer Natsu, his talking cat Happy, his perpetual rival Gray, and the scary but good-hearted Erza Scarlet.  Together, they fight dark wizard guilds, break curses, overcome monsters, and lots of other stuff.  They also make lots of new friends (mostly by defeating them in battle to show them the error of their ways).  Kind of a fantasy action comedy.  I really love the anime that is based on this manga, which is carrying me through the shonen weekly-magazine drawing style.

Content warning: This is shonen manga, so all of the female characters look like they live in an extremely hot climate, and there is some crude humor from some of the characters.  I will say, though, that there is very little romance in this series, so no matter how awkward things get for Lucy, it is less awkward for the reader because Natsu and Gray completely fail to notice.  If you like shonen fantasy action manga, volumes 1-5 of Fire Force, volumes 1-18 of Rave Master, as well as some of the Fairy Tail spin-offs like Fairy Tail S and Fairy Girls, are also on KU.  If you like fantasy action without the shonen content problems, try Saigami volumes 1-2.

 Saigami Vol. 2 (Volume 2): Vörös, Andrea Otília: 9780999581414 ...

My Little Monster volumes 1-4 (not complete series)
My Little Monster | My little monster, Little monsters, Anime romance
A wacky high-school romance between a grade-obsessed, introverted girl and a boy who is the definition of socially inept.  Those two… I’m going to die of laughter.  There’s a great supporting cast too, from the girl who’s convinced that all boys are in love with her, to a gang of would-be punks and their bored leader, to Haru’s pet chicken.  I’m laughing just thinking about them…

Sweetness and Lightning volumes 1-2 (not complete series) Sweetness and Lightning 12 (9781632367280): Gido ...
A widowed dad tries to cook good meals for his small daughter with the help of a high-school student.  Very funny and sweet!  No romance, although I wonder what will happen when the student’s mom finally enters the story.  Comes with recipes!  I love recipes!  If you also like recipes, Kitchen Princess omnibus volumes 1-2 are also on KU - very cute food romance.

 Kitchen Princess 8: Natsumi Ando, Miyuki Kobayashi: 9780345508058 ...

Other Recommended Manga on KU

 Manga Heart Break Club #1 eBook: Asada, Nikki, Asada, Nikki ...Waiting for Spring (manga) - Wikipedia

Manga Dogs volume 1 – comedy
Let’s Dance a Waltz volumes 1-2 – sweet romance/sports
Wake Up Sleeping Beauty volume 1 – romance/mystery
Waiting for Spring volume 1 – romance/slice of life
Heart Break Club volume 1 – romance/comedy


These were… not what I was expecting.  I have learned not to just read the Amazon book description but also the entry on Wikipedia.  I strongly recommend NOT reading these.

Sexual content: LDK, Missions of Love, Say I Love You
Violence: Real Account
All the Problems: Mars, My Wife is Wagatsuma-san, Gakuen Prince (Amazon, stop recommending this to me!  I do not want you to recommend this to me! Gah!)