Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Vote for Your Favorites! The INSPY Awards

The INSPY Awards have been going since 2010, recognizing stellar works of Christian fiction in half a dozen categories including speculative fiction.  This year, independently published works are eligible too!

Anyone can nominate a book, although you're limited to one book per category and can't nominate any of your own work.  Obviously, the book you nominate has to have been published in 2016.  (Branch of Silver Branch of Gold, anyone?)

Check out the nomination form here:

Nominations are open December 27 to January 16.  Shortlists are announced at the end of April, winners in June. 

I don't know how many of you get emails from Goodreads... They just finished their yearly awards cycle based on member nominations and votes.  Despite the fact that I enjoy books from almost every category, so many of the winners and nominees were books that I actively disliked that by the end there was only one category I could vote in!  I'm looking forward to the INSPY Awards, because I've usually enjoyed so many of the nominated books and like seeing those authors rewarded.  And then there's always the possibility that I can find new books to love!

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