Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Story News - Guardian of Our Beauty

>>For as long as she can remember, clear-eyed Palli has known that the fate of her city depends on her.  Cursed by an angry magician, blessed by a mysterious traveler, and assisted by three mighty allies, Palli will fall asleep on her wedding day.  But more perils are in play than the ill-speaking of one disgruntled sorcerer.  Can Palli’s curse be turned into the salvation of her city?<<

I was so excited to have my story "Guardian of Our Beauty" selected for a new anthology by Rooglewood Press (Five Magic Spindles, a collection of five Sleeping Beauty retellings)!  I ended up setting my story in the Ancient Near East--or, at least, in a fairy-tale version of it.  Historically minded readers may be able to identify the Sea Peoples and spot the fall of the Hittite Empire occurring in the background.  (Although I'm fairly sure that sea-monsters and winged lions didn't have too much to do with the original course of events!)

And I am very, very eager to read the other stories in the collection!  We have a Western, a comedy, a science fiction tale... and, of course, the expected touches of romance.  I loved the previous two story collections by Rooglewood Press (Five Enchanted Roses, a Beauty and the Beast collection; and Five Glass Slippers, a Cinderella collection), so having a winning entry in the new anthology contest still feels unreal!  For more information about the anthology, check out <http://www.rooglewoodpress.com/#!writing-contest/c22i6>.  You can also sign up for the Rooglewood Press e-newsletter to see interviews with all of the authors in the new anthology. 

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